Hello Everyone,

Sharing my FIRE dashboard, after seeing lots of interest in reddit sub. I hope the instructions are explanatory enough to get you started. If any issues just put in a comment section and I will do my best to reply it asap. If you find any defect or if you like to see new feature in the spreadsheet please let me know so I can fix them in later version.

VersionRelease DateDownload LinkWhat’s new
1.06/7/2019DownloadFirst release. (Tracking starts at 2017)
1.0.1 7/7/2019 DownloadSame as v1.0 just tracking starts at 2019

Initial Setup

Sheet : CF (Cashflow)

  • Set up Income categories by updating cells A3:A22
  • Set up Expense categories by updating cells A24:A128 (except the main categories highlighted in dark background like Groceries, Entertainment etc.)
  • If paying Principal and Interest on mortgage, specify the total amount in cell B133:AM133. Interest portion for the mortgage will be tracked in row 24 (Category: Banking & Finance – Loan Repayments , the name of the category could be changed as required)

Sheet : MAE (Monthly Average Expenses, Budget)

  • Set up Expense categories that you would like to track in the “Monthly Average Expense (Current year)” & “Monthly Expense Budget vs Actual” chart. (Tip : you may want to skip categories that has average transactions <$50 for better chart readability.)
  • Set up Monthly Budget for all categories under column G

Sheet : BS (Balance Sheet)

  • Update Saving/Investment/Asset & Liabilities categories as required in column A.

Sheet : MNW (Monthly Net Worth)

  • Update the investment categories that you would like to track in “Networth” chart in Row2 (B2:K2) . The name of the categories need to match exactly as in BS (Balance Sheet) sheet.
  • (Note : Row1 calculates the Row number (in BS sheet) for corresponding investment categories. So if you are adding new category, copy the row formula in Row1.

Sheet : MCF (Monthly Cash Flow Summary)

  • No modification needed in this sheet.

Sheet : CF-IP & CF-PPOR (Config IP & PPOR)

  • Configure Property Value/Loan Balance/Loan Remaining Year/Rates etc. details as appropriate.

Monthly Update

  1. Update monthly transactions in the relevant sheet Txn-<Year>.
  • The income/expense category in the Txn sheet need to match the one specified in CF(Cashflow) sheet.
  • The amount figure should be positive even for expenses.
  • Any transactions whose category is not listed in CF(Cashflow) sheet will be ignored and not used for calculation.
  • Tip : I use pocketbook to collate all transactions from various financial institutions. Once every month I just export the transactions from pocketbook and copy the relevant columns (A to D) to the Txn sheet.

2. Update balances for various Investments & Saving accounts in BS (Balance Sheet)sheet.

Note : Do not update any cells highlighted grey as those will be formulas. Just update the cell with white background.

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  1. Kyle

    This is great!

    Could you possibly release a version that starts in 2019 (for those of us beginning our journey to FIRE?)

    If not, a quick *how to* to reset it all to start at 2019


    1. becomingfire

      Hi Kyle,

      Thanks. The easiest way to reset it to starting from 2019 just follow this :

      1. MCF sheet – Delete row 3 to 26
      2. Dashboard sheet – E38:J39 (Delete cells –> Choose shift cells up)

      You can then blank out the data in Txn-2017 & Txn-2018 sheets.

      If we were to delete the columns in CF sheet for 2017 & 2018 that will change the column number and will screw up the MAE sheet as there are some hardcoded column references.

      May be in later version, I will remove the hardcoded column references.

      Let me know if that works for you.

      @Kyle.. on second thought I just released a minor release 1.0.1 which starts tracking at 2019 (guess there will be more people requesting this)


  2. Andrew

    Amazing. Is the Dashboard excel compatible? I’ve zero knowledge of Google Docs.

    1. becomingfire

      Unfortunately, it is not excel compatible 🙁

  3. dstny hell

    Amazing dashboard. Best I have seen so far. Kudos to you mate.

  4. JK

    Thank you for this, great work.

    Re: the third step of CF sheet setup: if I only have a PPOR that is P&I, would I enter the total loan repayment amount in B133:AM133? This then makes B132:AM132 $0 which I don’t think is accurate as my total loan repayment is both principal and interest, and then it also results in the Mortgage line item in the BS sheet as not reducing.

    General question: I reside overseas (therefore most transactions i.e. Txn and CF sheets incurred in a foreign currency), but would like to assess net worth in AUD. Is there a linkage between the CF and BS sheets or does it make sense to convert everything to AUD in the BS sheet as this is predominantly manual entry?

    1. becomingfire

      Thank you.
      Can you check now.. Formula was missing in B132:Y132 (Jan17-Dec18). I have fixed it now.
      You will also need to ensure that you record interest payment in row 24.

      The only link between BS and CF sheet is row 24, as the remaining mortgage for current month is calculated based on the previous month mortgage – principal paid current month.
      if you want to record Balances in AUD you can do so in BS sheet, record all the manual entries in AUD..and apply the currency conversion for mortgage value by multiplying the current value with GOOGLEFINANCE(“CURRENCY:USDAUD”)

      1. JK

        Ok so for the “Banking & Finance – Loan Repayments” category you record the Interest component only and then manually insert the total P&I amount in row 133, then the formulas in rows 132 kick in to extract the Principal amount. Hope I got that correct, I understand the linkage anyhow between BS and CF is only row 24. Thanks!

        1. becomingfire

          Yep, that’s correct.
          For my case its fixed interest loan so my P+I is fixed, if it’s variable interest loan for you it may be better idea to track it from the transaction automatically.

  5. Michael Leung

    Hi there,

    Not sure why the ETFs/LICs row C8 in dashboard tab, is reading 174.297, when my ETF/LICs in balance sheet is 5k?

    Am I updating something incorrectly?

    Thank you


    1. becomingfire

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for reporting this.
      The formula was missing.

      Can you try putting following formula in C8 cell in Dashboard tab : =VLOOKUP(C$2,Networth,5)


  6. Mike

    Thank you!

    I think I’ve filled everything out that you’ve listed on the website.

    When you have time could you please clarify what the last few tabs are?


    Love the visualisation it looks really great, now when we start putting in and trackign our spending we’ll have a relaly good idea of what’s going on.


  7. Matt

    Hi Mate,

    If I currently don’t have a mortgage on a PPOR but have two IP’s how do you advise I fill the ‘loan repayments’ component of CF sheet as well as on the ‘balance sheet’ if I want to track individual repayments for both? Both properties are currently set to IO but will eventually revert to P&I in the future.

    Thanks a ton for putting something like this together and sharing it, its certainly helping me put all my finances in one location.

    Very Respectfully


    1. becomingfire

      Hi Matt,

      If you want to track repayments for two loans separately , you will need to have separate expense categories for them.
      Then as you are not paying principal payment , you will need to modify CF – Row 133 to have formula to sum the two mortgage payments.
      This will reduce your principal payment in CF -Row 132 to 0 automatically.


  8. Sam

    Hey there,

    Thank you so much for this incredible resource!

    I’m not sure if I’ve not understood your instructions properly, could you please advise?

    On trying to customise the categories in the CF sheet, I have found that Column A is locked for editing. Editing these categories would allow me to import wholesale from my existing accounting software, otherwise I’d need to rename my general ledgers one by one to match your categories.

    Could you tell me how to use/unlock those sections, or alternatively provide an unlocked version?


  9. Sam

    Did I mistakenly read that there is a version 1.1 coming? Loving the V1.0.1, keen to see the new one in action!!

  10. Seamus

    Hi, Can you reset to start now?? Just beginning my journey

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