FEB 2020 NET WORTH $561,844 (-$20,861)

FEB 2020 NET WORTH $561,844 (-$20,861)

Market mayhem towards the last week of February. Thanks to Corona virus.

Portfolio took some good beating. It went down by $20,681, the biggest monthly fall since I started FIRE journey. Sold the only individual stocks that I had NAB & WBC and used funds to purchase NDQ. Not sure if it was a good decision but I do not wish to hold any individual stock in the long run and this looked like the right time to offload them. I am hoping to invest heavily next few months to make use some of the available bargains in the stock market. Let’s see how that plans out.

This month also invested some money to build home gym basically bought a treadmill and some weights. As it is going to be used by both myself and spouse, I believe it will pay for itself within 6 months considering the dual membership that we had to pay, had we joined the Gym. Already lost about 3kg of weight this month , happy me 🙂 . I am about 80kg right now and I have set the first goal for myself to hit 70 kg


  • Saving rate : 48.64%  
  • Investment: Sold out NAB & WBC and purchased NDQ
  • Dividend income : $1038
  • Home Gym : $1000

Happy Investing. See you next month.

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