OCT 19 NET WORTH $548,737 (+$8,493)

OCT 19 NET WORTH $548,737 (+$8,493)

Pretty flat month for the stock market. Was expecting some fall this month, so kept waiting until the end of the month but with no luck. Did not make any new investment this month.

It was our festive season this month, so there were some increase in grocery and shopping expense.

I just realized that up until now, in my FIRE calculation I was including our super as well 🙁 This won’t make sense as we want to retire in about 10-12 years but Super won’t be accessible to us for still another 30 years. So, I updated our FIRE dashboard to exclude super in the FIRE calculation, which shifted our FIRE date by further few years 🙁 As we don’t want to wait much longer, I reduced our FIRE annual income target from 80K to 70K. So at the moment it looks like , we will achieve our FIRE target in around 12.5 years from now. But with the additional cash from the sale of the IP in the future, I am hoping that we shall be able to bring it down to about 10 years if not less. We will keep refining our investment, target FIRE income etc. as appropriate.

Happy investing, see you next month 🙂


  • Saving rate : 47.89%  
  • Investment: No new investment this month
  • Dividend income close to $1600 , highest so far…

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  1. Baz

    No December update yet?

    1. becomingfire

      Yeah I skipped November and December update due to overseas holiday . Combined it with yearly review..

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