SEPT 19 NET WORTH $539,576 (+$16,483)

SEPT 19 NET WORTH $539,576 (+$16,483)

Stock market had some nice come back this month. It was mostly due to domestic stocks, as international stocks were flat, there wasn’t much change in Super.

Made around $1200 worth of profits from sale of unused items which was nice. Inline with our target, invested into IVV & VAE.

We are close to networth increase of $100K for this year , now at about $99,000 increase in last 9 months which is terrific. Hopefully the global bull run continues for a little longer.. 🙂

Happy investing, see you next month 🙂


  • Saving rate : 52.10%  
  • Purchases : IVV : $10K , VAE : $5000

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