AUGUST 19 NET WORTH $523,094 (+$2327)

AUGUST 19 NET WORTH $523,094 (+$2327)

What a volatile month for the stock market. With every negative tweet from Mr. Trump the global market would go down about 2-3 % but then would came back up the very next day with some other positive news. It had been a very bumpy ride this month with the portfolio losing about 3% of capital. I feel the market is showing much resilience to go into red and I believe recession is still few years away.

If not for the good saving rate of about 54.21% the portfolio would have gone backwards this month.

This month we also revised our target portfolio allocation to : 50% US, 40% AUS and 10% Emerging asian market. As we are currently heavily invested in Australian market outside of super, for the next few months I guess we will be investing mostly into US (IVV) despite it being close to an all time high level.

There was also a slight increase (slightly above the current inflation rate in Australia) in my Salary as well which was good news as I wasn’t expecting this.

Happy investing, see you next month 🙂


  • Saving rate : 54.21%  
  • Purchases : IVV : $10K , VAE : $5000 (first exposure to emerging market) Revised goal for asset allocation is 50% US, 40% AUS and 10% Emerging asian market

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