JULY 19 NET WORTH $520,767 (+$21,290)

JULY 19 NET WORTH $520,767 (+$21,290)

Excellent month of saving and networth growth. Smashed our first Half a Million networth target with a bang. Since starting the FIRE journey from January 2019, this has been the best month so far in terms of networth growth.

We have also now pushed our FIRE goal to $80,000 annual income from earlier $50,000. This has pushed our FIRE date further by about 4 years but I think that should start to come down once we start to boost our savings/income over the years.

I also made further improvements with the FIRE Dashboard. Added more options to customize the charts. I will hopefully release the updated version soon if the blog followers are interested. Let me know in the comments section.


  • Saving rate : 54.62%  
  • Purchased $3000 worth of A200. Sold BKI & QVE and purchased IVV from the proceeds. IVV is our first international holdings outside of super. QVE has not been moving at all since last 5 months even though fundamentally it is good. BKI of late had a good run but had all negative news with the capital raising stuff ,so thought it will be better to reduce the exposure in it when it is close to NTA.
  • Had about $7,000 of growth in Super and Stocks holdings each just in one month which is terrific.

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