MAR19 NET WORTH $471,859 (+$1,059 )

MAR19 NET WORTH $471,859 (+$1,059 )


  • Saving rate : 49.56%%, ah missed by few $$$ to achieve the 50 mark.
  • Had to send $6500 back to home country as we are helping my brother build a family home there.
  • Had an unplanned dental surgery expenses worth about $500, but glad the problematic teeth is now gone for good.
  • Vacation care payment for April school holidays. Hopefully, will get some amount back once the CCS is approved.
  • EFTs/LICs : Purchased A200, BKI, MLT worth about $13,000
  • Overall not a great month for networth increase, but still glad to have it on the +ve side



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