FEB19 NET WORTH $470,800 (+$19,063)

FEB19 NET WORTH $470,800 (+$19,063)


  • Saving rate : 61.96%%, wow, but this was due to more income and car sale , wifey received 3 fortnightly pay
  • Sold wifey’s car for $10k, as I commute to work in public transport, having two car was an unnecessary expense.
  • Wifey had a LASIK surgery of her eyes which cost us one time fee of about $2500 but this was well worth the investment as her vision has improved remarkably within just one week of surgery.
  • EFTs/LICs : Purchased A200,BKI,QVE,NAB,WBC worth about $43,0000
  • Overall a fantastic month for networth increase



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